Appreciating Living

How often do we appreciate our surroundings, our ability to perceive and feel? What sunsetabout the moment when that beautiful butterfly flies past you in the morning. You could swear it is following you. What about when the wind elegantly moves the leaves of a tree? You could swear the Earth was putting a show on for you. Do we appreciate these things or do we fail to even notice them?

I have been guilty of failing to notice them but today was different somehow. Today I can see clearly. The Universe is bigger than me and my problems. Sometimes that is easy to forget. It’s so easy to get caught in the trap of obsessing about our issues. Then we think those issues are a part of us and that they make us who we are.

Looking at the bigger picture helps put things into perspective. Contemplating things such as the age of the Earth (over 4 billion years old), the enormity and complexity of the Universe and the fact that our time here is very limited can shift your viewpoint. Thinking about these things minimise the importance placed on problems and make them seem petty and irrelevant. This way of putting things into perspective is highly enjoyable and completely liberating. It helps me remember how grateful I am to be alive.


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The Beginning of My Re-creation!

This is my first official post and it marks the beginning of my re-creation! Hurrah!  So, I started doing a number of things to begin my re-creation then my boyfriend suggested that I make a checklist of the things that make me happy. Just to make sure I do them every day. Thank you, Felipe xx.

That’s how my Happiness Checklist was born! The checklist is below and so far I have checked off (almost) all of the items for the last 6 days! Go me! I definitely feel more amazing every day that I (almost) complete the list. The items are catered to me specifically and include things that always make me happy and feel balanced. Feel free to use this one for yourself or tailor it to suit you and what you love.

One thing that is not on the list (maybe it should be) is that sometimes I put entire chocolate biscuits in my mouth in one go. It makes me feel gooood 🙂

Happiness Checklist

  • Listen to upbeat music
  • Read inspirational quotes/books
  • Meditate – at least 6 spot meditations and one long meditation
  • Do something creative – e.g. photography, make jewellery, graphic design
  • Compliment at least one person
  • Do yoga

Welcome to Happy Town! 😀


P.S. If you would like to know the reason and purpose for this blog check out the About page here.