One Small Step Becomes a Giant Leap

I started writing about a pretty cool topic for this post but it wasn’t emerging from me naturally like all the previous posts. I decided it was a sign to stop writing about that topic 😛 Then it occurred to me that I should write about the AMAZING impact positive reframing has had on me since writing my last post!

I must say I haven’t made an enormous effort to reframe my thoughts into positive ones –because it wasn’t that difficult! I discovered that the negative thoughts I was experiencing were the same ones over and over again. It turns out that it was only these few recurring thoughts that needed to be reframed! And, surprisingly, I only had to reframe each of them a few times before I saw a dramatic improvement! Wowsers!

The process I used was fairly simple: each time a negative thought (which was usually a pessimistic internal dialogue based on zero facts!) entered my mind I simply acknowledged it, thought of positive alternatives to the negative dialogue and moved on. In other words, I fed the Good Wolf. That Good Wolf is going to be obese when I’m done with him! Whenever I engaged in this process I felt a physiological change in my body; I felt the stress and anxiety caused by the negative thoughts just melt away. This connection between the body and mind always amazes me 🙂

I imagine it would have been a longer process if MOST of my thoughts were negative, but I feel I have dealt with the ones that were getting in the way of my happiness. I had been holding on to these destructive thoughts and dwelling on them for quite some time. Simply reframing each of them when they arose on just a few occasions has made me feel like they have disappeared! They are certainly not ruling my life anymore and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I do wonder if this is too good to be true (since it was so easy); I’m sure I will find out soon! It doesn’t matter though because if the Evil Wolf comes back, I know exactly what I need to do.

Have you been trying positive reframing? If so, what have you experienced?


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5 comments on “One Small Step Becomes a Giant Leap

  1. Really cool!
    Your brain is a thought machine and just chucks up as many possible alternative thoughts as it can so that it can then choose the most appropriate one for you to follow. The problem happens when over time you get ‘tuned in’ to a particular type of thought, just like negative framing. If this is what’s driving the continual negative thoughts then positive re-framing works absolutely brilliantly.
    Well done you!
    All the best

    • Thanks Tony! I definitely feel that negative thinking is often my default way of thinking. It can be challenging to redirect those thoughts to positive ones since it means remaining vigilant most of the time. It’s certainly working for me though! I wonder if keeping this up will eventually make positive thinking my default way of thinking?
      Thanks for your support.

  2. I envy your ability to fix your angry thoughts so quickly. I find as I fix one problem others bubble up. No reprieve yet but eventually the troubles pop will fizzle out.

    • I wish it was that easy! I still experience some negative thoughts every now and then and I think it will take a lot of work to get rid of all of them completely. I did, however, get rid of a few significant negative thoughts that regularly popped into my head making me incredibly miserable. Those thoughts became the truth for me. Then I realised they were only based on my perception and my perception can be changed. So I changed it 🙂 It might be a good idea to listen to yourself to see if your negative thoughts are the same ones over and over. Maybe they have a common theme? If so, try using the positive reframing technique each time they arise until you change your perception and they go away forever.

      • Who knew growing emotionally was SO EXHAUSTING! I know there is no greater relationship you have but with your self. Buy I now understand why my husband has a hard time getting through to me to! I have a hard time getting through to me! UGH Well than you so much for your posts about your journey. It’s helping me greatly! Thank you!

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