A Spot Meditation to Relieve Anxiety

A friend and I were just discussing the crippling feeling of anxiety and the irony of being anxious about feeling anxious. For example, when I was Self Conscious Lisa I used to be very anxious in group situations, especially work meetings. If a meeting was coming up I would feel a huge amount of anxiety during the hours leading up to that meeting. The anxiety was due to being worried about feeling anxious while I was in the meeting. Argh! So much anxiety!

I told my friend that I learned a spot meditation that reduces anxiety almost immediately and started practicing that before and during my meetings. I have become a lot more comfortable in group situations now that I rarely have to use this meditation at all 🙂

The meditation is called 4-7-8 Breath Meditation and it involves the following:

  • Breathe in for 4 counts (make sure your belly expands as the breath fills it)
  • Hold you breath gently for 7 counts
  • Exhale for 8 counts

Repeat this 8 times and see how you feel. It has the ability to make you dizzy or light headed if you do it too many times. So start with 8 times; I don’t want you passing out in the middle of a meeting.

Try it next time you feel anxious and let me know how it goes!


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2 comments on “A Spot Meditation to Relieve Anxiety

  1. Will says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Your story of having strong emotions as anxiety before a meeting or a gathering with others sounds like my own.

    I am pleased to read your remedy to get calm after the focussing exercise you describe.
    Thanks for this.

    As I was having strong emotions in advance of a job interview last week I was angry at myself that I could not get hold of myself at the beginning of the meeting. Frustrations and an inner voice calling punishing.

    The beautiful thing is that the universe comes up with what you need. And there was this book that I have on the shelf for ages about enneagram from Riso and Hudson. The book gave me great information. After the questionnaire I could find myself in the behaviour as a type with many emotions and withdrawn as a belief of being different than others.

    In brief what it says, the emotions are coming from my thoughts. As long as I can understand that these thoughts are separate from who I am, and I do not keep any attachment to the thoughts and feelings/emotions. I can learn just to observe what is going on when having an anxiety “attack”. Learn to feel in my physical body what feeling there is at that very moment and just observe without any attachment or judgement (like this is not right, or this good) with the knowledge that the feelings will go (universal law is that everything comes up and eventually will go).

    Yesterday I had a meeting again and I felt nervous. As I was waiting to be called in the room I did the observing and felt the intense feelings going around in my abdomen. I just observed and felt them going away and I was very calm with this. The meeting went well although in hindsight I was not aware of any bodily sensations during the meeting I found this practising of awareness very calming. This meditation technique is called vipassana.
    Way of meditation to see what is true.

    With metta,

  2. Thanks for your input, Will. It’s great that you have found a technique to calm yourself in anxiety-provoking situations. I recently used that technique myself. I unexpectedly had to stand up in front of around 30 people I didn’t know and present findings from a group activity! As you can imagine my anxiety levels were through the roof!

    Rather than freaking out I focused on my heart racing and thought “how interesting that my heart is racing a million miles an hour”. Then I focused on my face and thought “how interesting that my face feels like it is on fire.” It certainly shifted the focus from trying to think of a way to quickly exit the room or feeling like I was going to pass out!

    I will check out the book you mentioned. It sounds interesting!

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